Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16-Year-Old Girl Wins Dutch Supercar Challenge

Fascinating racing news: In her recent sports car race debut, 16-year-old Beitske Visser took victory in the Dutch Supercar Challenge. Don't let her young age and cute smile fool you: she drives a powerful 500-HP car and beat many experienced race drivers to the checkered flag. She managed this spectacular win despite receiving a 25-second penalty on top of a drive through penalty!
It turns out this impressive win is no fluke: Beitske has been racing karts since the age of 5 as part of a professional driver program and she won a few races in one of the top European Championship karting classes. I'd love to invite her to our local autocross series - I bet she would do really well in it! Can anyone help me pick the airfare? I'll offer my car.