Friday, August 19, 2011

Got an Offer To Buy an Extremely Rare Bugatti Type 35. Honest to God!

I am going back to Lime Rock Park for a track day tomorrow. I checked their website for current events and I saw the upcoming Lime Rock Vintage Festival, which reminded me of this Bugatti Type 35 Story (page 6) from that festival a few years ago. On our way out of the track, I found myself right in front of a 1920s Bugatti Type 35, which was being carefully loaded on the second level of a trailer. Back in the 1920s, sports cars were fairly heavy and needed huge displacement to make decent power. The Bugatti Type 35 was one of the very first cars to use a higher-revving smaller displacement engine bolted to a lighter chassis. The design went against the grain and held its own against much bigger and more powerful cars at the time.

“That’s a very nice replica!” I blurted out in front of the Bugatti owner who was standing nearby.
“What makes you think it’s a replica?” he asked.
Well, let’s see: There were only 50-something of them ever made and 20-something surviving. And of those, are 5 really at the Lime Rock festival?!? I was still trying to recover motion in my jaws –
“Because it is such a rare car…”
The car owner looked at me and said:
“I have two for sale in the trailer. Are you interested in buying one?”
This was a priceless offer on a priceless car. Probably the only offer like that I'll get in my lifetime. Now me let me see if I can convince our local Lamborghini dealer to let me sit in the orange Gallardo Superleggera for a quick picture...Anybody have some nice clothes that I can borrow for a couple of hours?