Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Widebody Conversion: From Beyonce to Taylor Swift

Our site is issuing a correction and apology (first in its unprecedented history of accurate newsmaking): SMIG's club racer is *not* for sale as previously stated Here. Only the widebody kit is.

To give you a better visual, the car is going from Beyonce:

... to Taylor Swift:

We did not mean to wreak havoc and cause sleepless nights for his competitor club racers who have been scrambling for the past couple of days to predict SMIG's next move and assess the potential impact to their race class. To make it up to them, we sent our secret reporter Clio to take spy shots of SMIG's famous racecar:

While the Beyonce-style widebody kit is still in place, we are excited to report that The SMIG has recently added two extra exhaust pipes through the trunk!! Bluff or real? Stay tuned for more news on this incredible development in club racing!