Saturday, August 20, 2011

Will Self-driving Cars Make All of Us Obsolete?

BMW has made a splash with a self-driving car which learns racetracks and takes the "drivers" around for a few laps. The car is a standard E90 chassis with an advanced GPS system and software specially designed to work with the car controls. An experienced driver takes a few laps first, so the software would learn the track map and off you go! People who have "driven" it claim the experience is not as realistic as playing Gran Turismo. I think they are just jaded... Really, does everyone else out there think that track driving as we know it will soon be over? Top Gear's video is funny as always but I detect a lot of skepticism in Jeremy Clarkson's self-driving shenanigan. Maybe we'll still be going to track days but we'll just sit in our self-driving cars and experience how Michael Schumacher would drive the track instead?