Sunday, August 14, 2011

You Can Have the Discount But Only If You Take the Freebie Too!

I stopped by AutoZone to get a few jugs of Mobil 1 synthetic oil today. I go to the register to pay and the cashier goes:

“Do you want to save some money? We have $7 off on each jug of motor oil you buy, as long as you also get a FREE oil filter with it.”

I’m scratching my head here.

“Wait, what, I get the oil discount only if I get the FREE filter?”

“Yes!”, he says with a straight face and proceeds to scan a few oil filters for me.

It turns out Mobil is essentially paying customers to take their oil filters. I’d love to know what marketing head at Mobil thought of that ingenious plan. Too bad AutoZone did not have any filters for my car. But since they were free, I took a few filters for a Kia Rio: maybe I can fit them on my lawnmower.