Friday, September 9, 2011

I Saw My First Bugatti Veyron In Person Today. Stunning!

Fastest production car in the world!
Top speed of 253 mph (268 mph for the Super Sport version)
1,000 horsepower
16 cylinder engine
4 turbos
1.7 million dollars
0-60 in 2.4 seconds
0-180 in 14 seconds

... And none of these numbers begin to describe the feeling you get when standing next to it.

The shape is unreal; there is nothing else that looks anything like it out there. There are only 300 Bugatti Veyrons made and it's unlikely I'll ever see another one with barely anyone around. This was another car from Herb Chambers' personal collection (also see Lexus LFA with #1 MA license plate).

The two-tone paint scheme gives it a very dynamic look:

Sitting all by itself:

365 mm tires all around:

Gorgeous from this angle (I personally would remove the Fast Lane transponder from my Bugatti's windshield).

Ram air intakes look wild:

The mandatory low-angle shot:

The insane 16-cyl engine is in the OPEN. There is NO cover of any sort. You know there is no rain in the forecast when you see this car parked outside!

The carbon fiber in the Veyron alone probably costs more than a new BMW 3 series:

Ettore Bugatti immortalized:

And here is Top Gear's video with James May hitting 253 mph. "I'm pretty confident that's the fastest I'm ever gonna go in a car."


  1. Ah ha, I saw it the same day out of the corner of my eye with a double take @ 300yrds . . I was running a bit behind in my 6454ci on my way to Karma Coffee for my morning cup of brew, ( the equivalent to the Bugatti amongst the Coffee critics of the World) then onto New Hampshire for an appointment. After driving back onto Rt 20 it's when I began to get dreamy . . .I made a u-turn and went back to see what it was that I saw that looked so sexy from afar. . .I pulled up side-by-side, got out, took a slow walk around the Bugatti Veyron and decided to trade my keys with Herb, I got in, started her up, what an incredible sound emerged from the 1000hp behind my seat, it could only bring a BIG :) to my face. Off I drove with incredible excitement as the buildings, trees, cars flashed by like a blink of an eye. . .I made it to my appointment 45 minutes early, I shook my head, blinked my eyes & drove up 3 minutes early in my 645. . .Oh Well. . .

  2. Damn, I was on the edge of my seat expecting you to take the Bugatti for some imaginary laps around the New Hampshire Motor Speedway... Maybe next time?