Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Hot Lap of 2:13 Around Watkins Glen. In a Daily Driver!!

I really like this Watkins Glen video for a few reasons. First, I know the driver Nick DeRosa who is very fast, drives at the limit and occasionally exceeds it (check the crazy save in the Toe of the Boot at 6:09). The video was shot on a clear day and in HD, with no traffic around so you can see the line and track better. The driver's steering inputs are captured in the camera angle and you can see how they impact the car. It's always a bonus when you can see the tach and the speedo. And my favorite part:

This car is Nick's daily driver!! Like many of us here on the site, Nick is someone who gives up much comfort in the car for 98% of the time in order to experience what he loves best: the remaining 2% when he is whipping it around a fast racetrack.

Based on the COM sports car club's rules, this 1995 E36 M3 is in class "SPB" (street prepared class "B"), which allows naturally aspirated 6 cylinders and force-inducted 4 cylinder engines). Tires are 245/40/17 Hoosiers with a few heat cycles past their prime. Suspension is AST 4100 coilovers with negative 3.5 degrees of camber in the front. The car is good for 230 HP at the wheel (~270 at the crank). It weighs approximately 2,900 lbs, down from a stock weight of ~3,175 lbs without the driver. The springs have rates of 650 lb in the rear and 550 lb in the front. Safe to say there will be no coffee drinking or talking on the phone in this driver's daily commute!