Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real People, Real Cars: Setting Up Team OneHotLap's GoPro Camera

We had invited Eva Mendes to the official unveiling of Team OneHotLap's GoPro camera at our recent BMW CCA track event. Since she turned the offer down, we had to go with our second best option: OneHotLap's Real People, Real Cars.

The naked truth is, the video turned out great considering it was just a quick camera test. After the super enthusiastic sendoff, I went for a slow lap (< 10 mph) around the Watkins Glen paddock in my Z4 M Coupe (mine did not have the 6 squirrels inline power upgrade featured here). The camera was mounted low to the ground, just above the front lip spoiler, which magnifies the speed exponentially. I think the paddock lap provides a good opportunity for everyone to see what the early event atmosphere feels like. The GoPro HD Motorsports HERO camera is light and compact, it has a wide angle lens, it can be mounted just about anywhere and it takes ridiculously good HD video. Are you reading this, Eva? Maybe next time?