Monday, September 26, 2011

Six Baby Squirrels Go Flying Around a Racetrack in a BMW Coupe's Airbox (UPDATED)

After two BMW CCA driving school sessions at Watkins Glen Int’l, an event participant complained about the car feeling a bit “squirrely” out on the track. When he popped the hood open to investigate a possible cause, he found acorn leftovers and critter poop all over the engine bay. Upon further examination, it was determined that 6 baby squirrels had turned the car's airbox into their home and had been smuggled from Toronto through the U.S. border.

The event chair personally put on a squirrel rescue clinic getting all of the illegal immigrants out of the airbox by their tail and relocating them to a place where they won’t have to experience threshold braking at 140 mph. BMW CCA is rumored to be putting together computer-based squirrel rescue training for other event chairs to follow. BMW North America is intrigued by the findings and is currently exploring options to replace its famous 6-cylinder inline engines with more eco-friendly 6-squirrels inline. Many animal rights groups have reportedly lined up to sponsor the driver's Team Flying Squirrels in honor of his support with providing luxury housing for the young family of squirrels. Because of the heightened interest in baby squirrels, it is now expected that Hollywood will be replacing Alvin & the Chipmunks with squirrels in its next squeakel. However, rumors that a Canadian goat was also found in the passenger seat of the vehicle and the driver ran over an instructor who tried to steal it and then dragged him all the way from the paddock to Turn 1 have been greatly exaggerated.

This little guy is the latest member of BMW's Team Flying Squirrels. His dream is to beat the Flying Lizards Porsche team!

Team Flying Squirrels' supporters found the perfect gift for the occasion:
Sept. 27, 6:30 PM ET UPDATE: An avid OneHotLap reader has provided additional insight into the story.
Speed secrets of Canadian Coupe Uncovered!
Squirrels break silence and seek asylum after spilling the nuts on stowaway journey across the border from Ontario and a few hot laps at Watkins Glen Int'l:
6-Squirrel Air box increases power of BMW Z4 M coupe!!
After a tumultuous ordeal, squirrels mistake event chair as their mother:
BMW Z4 M Coupes equipped with the new 6-squirrel performance package will be designated with the following badge (courtesy of