Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VIP Parking Next To the Frozen Grey M3 at Turner Motorsport (UPDATED)

I found my M Coupe parked next to Turner Motorsport's Frozen Grey M3 when I went to pick it up from service today. It's a bit like getting set up on a blind date with Scarlett Johansson: You just can't say no to spending some quality time together!

I'd only heard about the limited-edition Frozen Grey M3 coupes that were sold in the U.S. market this Summer. Now that I'd seen this striking color in person, I had to do some research. Turns out only 30 of this unique color were made and it took all of 12 minutes to sell them. Frozen grey can best be described as matte grey paint with deep metallic luster. It is really beautiful in person and the pictures don't do it justice.

These are the rest of the goodies that you get for the 18k premium over the "melted grey" M3 coupe:
1) M3 Competition package, which includes wider-offset 19-inch alloy wheels, a lowered suspension and sport mapping for the electronic damping control and electronic stability control
2) Unique Fox Red-and-black two-tone leather interior
3) The Premium and Technology packages
4) BMW’s seven-speed, dual-clutch M DCT transmission (the only choice)

So depending on how you calculate the car's options, the price premium for the unique Frozen Grey color is a few thousand bucks. That's cool. I have to wonder, though, if BMW calls its white M3 "vanilla frosty", will it also be able to sell 30 of them for 18k more in 12 minutes?

More importantly, Turner, will the "frozen yellow" racecars be fast?

9/21/2012 UPDATE
I just found this video on Turner's Frozen Grey car. Wow! The car is incredible but the cinematography blew me away!