Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Local Hotshoe Trades Hot Date for a Hot Lap

Mark Dudek lived on canned food and Ramen noodles for his first year out of college in order to save for the best handling, most powerful and most lightweight car he could afford. He settled on a nice BMW Z4 roadster, possibly because it also shows off his biceps well. Mark has been autocrossing regularly for two seasons and won his class back to back against some very tough competition. Winning the Rookie of the Year Award along the way, he is on track to win the Driver of the Year Trophy out of hundreds of drivers this year.

In this video, you'll find me inviting him to talk about his ride's setup and how he is able to drive it so well. He has no idea we had arranged for a high heels clad hot date to go in for the kill. Relentlessly focused in front of the camera, he doesn't even flinch, brushing her aside so he can get back on topic. Are you reading this Andretti, Ganassi, and Penske? This driver has the skills, he is marketable and he would never be distracted by any of the hot pit babes that would inevitably surround him at every big race!
Perhaps Mark would have shown more interest if he'd spotted just how skillfully his hot date managed to balance on one foot (or toe?) while yanking the heels off. Her balancing skills carry over to performance driving where she is one of the most competitive drivers at autocross events. And remember, count to three when you see her riding her beautiful Ducati 848EVO or you may find yourself going off the road! Real People, Real Fun.