Friday, October 14, 2011

My Write-up on the Track Weekend at Tremblant Is the Cover Story on Boston Bimmer!!

My family’s plans for our annual pilgrimage to Mont Tremblant were as sound as ever: pack the night before, have a nice breakfast together, leave just after rush hour and get to Montreal before 3 PM when they close off one of the highway lanes going through the city. Our execution was as bad as any other year: sleep late, pack the morning of the event, have Trail Mix in the car for breakfast, leave too late, and get to Montreal right smack in the middle of rush hour. Hey, look at this: they’ve got another autocross course set up all over the damn bridge. Same layout as any other year: a 3-mile slalom! What do you do while stuck on the bridge for over an hour? Let’s see if we can figure out why so many people here drive small cars and everyone smokes cigarettes … Trust me, it’s a much better option than jumping off the friggin' bridge!

Read the rest of the story starting on page 12 of the September/October issue of Boston Bimmer.

Also check out this cool slideshow video with incredible pictures from the event, as well as the Fastest production car in the world around a racetrack which was in front of us on pit road for 3 days.