Monday, October 3, 2011

Team OneHotLap Completes Its First Karting Enduro (UPDATED)

15 teams competed in F1 Outdoors' 90-minute karting enduro in East Bridgewater, MA this Sunday, October 2, 2011. Team OneHotLap qualified kart #10 fourth on the grid and picked up a spot during the race to take a podium finish in its historic team outing. The event organizers did a stellar job over 90 minutes of clean racing.

The enduro was won by Jonathan Cowen, Nick DeRosa (of Watkins Glen fame), and Peter Rokel. Jon, Nick, and Peter are OneHotLap's friends and avid supporters and we are thrilled that the first place trophy went to our extended family. Real People, Real Karts!

Team OneHotLap, left to right: Mark, Larry, and Christo

10/4/2011 UPDATE: The Never Give Up! award goes to Omeed "Iron Man" Aminipour who completed the entire 90-minute enduro by himself. Because his two teammates had to cancel at the last  minute, the event rules required Omeed to jump out of the kart and run around it once before he hops back in for the next stint as part of the 7 mandatory pit stops. Amazingly, he finished the event fifth overall! Rumors are his chiropractor is upgrading to an Audi R8 following Omeed's first post-event visit.


  1. Wait. That's where you put the 'visor' decal?
    LOL...oohhh Christo.

  2. We had a slooowwww cart, but that thing turned in nicely. The video came out a lot better than I thought.

    Podium or not, that was one hella fun event! Thanks to the organizers. I thought we were OneHotLap's Team Triple Faceplam? :)

  3. Yeah, I don't know how we got a podium out of that thing. We had good consistency, but weren't helped by how slow it was on the straights. Great fun!

  4. Awesome boys. Congrats! Looks like an amazing event. Love the driving in the video.

  5. Mark, I totally agree - I think we got everything we could out of the equipment. Slower but well-handling car makes for fun racing, especially watching all the passing in the turns!!