Sunday, October 30, 2011

Top 20 Times From BMW CCA Boston Autocross - October 29, 2011

Top 20 Cars on Race Tires

Top 20 Cars on Street Tires

FTD (by over 8/10s!) went to the 95 Mazda Miata driven by Eric Chiang: proof positive that tire warmers go a long way on a cold day!

Full results from the event can be found here.
Event 7 Top 20 results are here.
Event 6 Top 20 results are here.
Event 5 Top 20 results are here.


  1. Was this "autocross on snow" day?

  2. whoa AWESOME! perfect ending to the season

  3. Nicolas, it was like we were God gifted weather. Last run of the event, at 2:05pm, and it started sleeting. VERY fun event, though I definitely should not have stayed for a beer afterwards.. but it was a free beer, after betting another driver for beating each other.

    Free beers taste best.

  4. Whew! Sad I couldn't make it but I fear I would have been in trouble for the ride home! Next season I'm legit doing autocross... not this "oh I'll go when someone convinces" me crap. :)

  5. atta boy Jared! That Z4M has a lot of potential out there, even with a track setup

  6. brewster charles was on street tires!

  7. And so were Jake and Cowen. Their results were posted in AR, though - def a question for timing.