Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Electric "Race Car" by Nissan NISMO

So Nissan’s in-house tuning division NISMO has built this race car:

... from this pedestrian electric car:

Nissan claims the race car is based on the electric Nissan Leaf, which has the same AC synchronous motor and battery good for 107 horsepower and 207 foot-pounds of torque. And that means the NISMO Leaf is all show and no go.

Graphics, spoilers, front splitter, lower stance, bigger wheels, and a big brake kit go a long way on any car. Well, OK, the NISMO Leaf's body is all carbon fiber and the car has a mid-engine layout, double wishbone suspension, and a shorter wheelbase. The NISMO Leaf is also 13.8 inches lower (thirteen-point-eight!), 6.7 inches wider and one inch longer than stock. Weight is only 2,068 pounds, so the power to weight ratio is 40% better than stock. Zero to 62 mph takes 6.85 seconds and top speed is 93 mph.

Remember the diesel Audi R10 TDI that few people thought could ever win the most famous endurance race in the world? There is hope for the NISMO Leaf as well. It would just need a change to Le Mans' rules to require a mandatory 6-hour pit stop every 20 minutes so the Leaf's battery would have sufficient time to recharge!