Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cooking with One Hot Lap: We Discover the Secret Ingredient to Keeping Your Wheels Clean

After an exhaustive search and experimenting with substances (most of them legal), we are glad to report that we have discovered the secret ingredient to keeping your wheels clean: PAM cooking spray ($2.86 for the 8-oz bottle at Walmart). Empirical evidence showed that if you leave your race pads on the car for 2 months and never wash the wheels, the brake dust still comes off as long as you spray the wheels with PAM before the dust gets there.

No clear favorite has been designated between Original PAM, Butter Flavor PAM, and Olive Oil PAM. We are partial to Butter Flavor PAM, though, because we like butter cookies more than veggies. (For those of you on a diet, we recommend protecting your wheels with your least favorite PAM flavor.)

So PAM away, my friends! It's good for your wheels. Just remember to keep it away from the pads and rotors. Those don't like to be cooked at all!