Friday, November 25, 2011

How NOT to Run an Autocross Event!! (UPDATED)

Corner workers in the middle of the course just a few feet from gates, one of them even crouching instead of standing, people walking around casually, light poles without any markings (let alone protective padding), and a 3-foot-high curb at the edge of the course mere 30 ft from a fast section. What could go wrong?

And another car is STILL running out on the course almost 20 seconds after the 'Vette's crash. Not a single red flag in sight. Too bad this 'Vette owner ended up paying a hefty price for the organizers' stupidity.

12/09/2011 UPDATE
Here is an in-car cam from the same event as well. That curb at the end of the run comes up so FAST after the spin-out!

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