Monday, November 21, 2011

My One Lap of America Wheels Sold!!

Got 2 inquiries on the day after I posted the ad. The wheels went into good hands. The lucky buyer did not know that the wheels come with a certificate of authenticity for participating in the 2005 One Lap of America, signed by both drivers (a valuable collector's item!!)
The OZ wheels on my 325i during the '05 One Lap of America.

Was wondering if anyone would take my ad seriously:

17x8 OZ Superleggera wheels. Used to be silver when new. Probably somewhere in between anthracite and black with all the brake dust baked into them now. Look fantastic if you don't wash them, especially from a distance! Washing them spoils the mean look - great excuse to skip that part and do other more productive stuff like installing coilovers. On the plus side, they weigh only 18 lbs each and will take 245 mm tires and even 255s with some convincing. The wheels are straight and strong. No vibration whatsoever at track speeds. $300 local pickup. Hurry up before someone from Burkina Faso offers to buy them for three times that price if I can ship them over there!


  1. Those rims have been good to you. Glad to hear they're going to a good home. Seeing the photo of your 325i with all the stickers brings back memories to going to check you out at NHIS! Good times.


  2. That's right! You came to NHIS, as did Jake and my entire family complete with my mother-in-law all wearing the team t-shirts :o) Fun times! The Vipers in front of us on the picture were the nearest competition. We were gridded in the low 40s out of ~ 95 cars based on the results from the first track event. We ended up 43-rd overall ahead of some ridiculously powerful cars. Still miss OLOA and wish I could do it every year!

  3. Ah, the memories...

  4. Haha, vintage stuff! Great picture at the skidpad here - I'll have to get it in high-res.