Friday, November 18, 2011

Nintendo Builds a Life-Size Mario Kart and Luigi Bumble V Kart

According to this Press Release form Nintendo, West Coast Customs "has re-created two vehicles from Mario Kart 7: the classic Mario Standard kart, complete with glider attachment for soaring through the air, and the Luigi Bumble V kart, which resembles a bumblebee and features a rear propeller for underwater navigation."

These are life-sized electric vehicles and the Mario kart even has 18" wheels in the rear! The SCCA Solo classing structure has been thrown into disarray and the organization has reportedly called an emergency meeting to sort this out. It would be very cool if the karts are street-legal and have the turtle shell launcher available as a dealer option. There are a few times in my commute each day when the turtle shells would come really handy in traffic!!