Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for Having You!

As a performance driving enthusiast, I often have trouble giving sound advice to people looking for help with basic transportation needs. Inevitably, my advice gravitates toward performance options like rear-wheel drive, lighter cars, shorter wheelbase, firmer suspension and wide sticky tires. I end up defending tramlining (tram-what?), blaming factory settings for understeer (which is like a push, right?), and recommending 50-lb sand bags in the trunk of RWD cars on snowy days (this is when I get the “Are you friggin’ nuts, I’m just trying to get to work safely” stare and the conversation drifts back into safe topics like weather and sports.)

Sent by One Hot Lap member EJ

When I started One Hot Lap just over 3 months ago, I was looking for a home for my performance driving needs; a place where you can talk about trailing throttle oversteer without having to explain that this is a performance driving technique and not the opening act for The Clash or some other punk rock band; a place where you grin over picking up 6 cones on your fastest run at the autocross (cone marks and ripped underbody trays be damned); a place where you can freely talk about the thrill of diving into a corner to make a pass at 50+ mph in a go-kart without air bags, seat belts or even a roll bar. You get the idea: I might have called the site Performance Driving Anonymous if the name wasn’t that long.

And if you are seeking therapy here on the site, we probably have a lot in common. Please help me make One Hot Lap what you want your performance driving home to be. Send me ideas for write-ups. Car setup, track reviews and videos, driving technique, group buys, silly skits and banter, podcasts, discounts, what else would you like to see on the site? Whenever you get a minute, please remember to comment on the posts or at least click off the Reactions under the post. Help us turn One Hot Lap into a nice home for car enthusiasts who share a passion for performance driving and have a sense of humor. Safety in numbers – if we are all crazy, then maybe it’s not so bad…as long as we’re crazy together!