Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Crashes and One Spin on the Same Street During Mustang Week

Rule #1: if you don't know how to control a car, at least keep the wheel straight when accelerating. Or maybe that stripe got in the way? And did you hear someone from the crowd go "It's alright, dude?" Is this how they encourage the idiot driver after he crashes into random cars on the street during Mustang Week?

"Mind if I squeeze in here? I wanna show the white Cobra how to do it right!"

Listen for the "Just like last year?!?" comment.
"Damn, I couldn't hit anyone on my first spin, let me try another 180 in front of that drifting Cobra!"

You've got to hope someone told these idiots to take a lesson at a driving school. Although on a second thought, I probably wouldn't want to be the instructor...