Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paging All Track Geeks: Gran Turismo 5 to Re-Create Real-World Laps!

According to GT5's U.S. producer Taku Imasaki, real-world visualization will “soon be available to consumers”. The idea has been around for a few years: you take all data logged from a track session and  plug it into your PS3. From there, you can watch a replay of your session and even compete against yourself by loading the replay as a “ghost” car. Check out the real-world vs. GT5 lap comparison in this video:

Not surprisingly, GT5's graphics look better than the real world's!

I think I'm going to wait for the GT5 option that allows you to travel back in time to your real track session and knock off a few seconds after you've figured out how to do it safely in the game. Or better yet, travel back in time and change the travel path of my car to avoid a crash! Yes, I knew trailing throttle oversteer would be the cure for all track evil!

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