Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Minis, Sushi and Power Metal

I loved the first few seconds of this new Mini Cooper ad. Empty city streets, fast turns, lurid slides, engine revving up - yeah, this is going to be good!

The paratroopers made for some interesting shots and the "live" slalom was pretty cool. But hey, does the car really need to go 15 feet wide to avoid the "live" cones? If you're going to put together a slalom, show some handling precision and get close enough so the car can clip the chutes with its side mirror, you know what I mean?

It was fun right up until the sushi scene came up. Not a smooth transition, awkward, and wait, who is this guy who thought that being fed sushi by a stewardess while drifting on salt flats and listening to some crazy Swedish power metal band make the best test drive ever? Why not throw in some midgets, cute kitties and Ultimate Fighting Championship scenes in the background to cover the entire spectrum of stupidity? Maybe blow some vuvuzelas too while we're at it.

Mini Cooper. Trying too hard to be everything to everyone.
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  1. Not sold on the car yet, but very fun commercial. It's totally a ripoff of a TopGear UK segment, where the boys made a New VW Scirroco commercial, replete with explosions. This MINI Coupe version is missing the sexy girl pallbearer in a black bikini.

  2. I will settle with Clive Owen driving the car.

  3. Will he fit in a Mini? Not sure he'd look good in black dress and black bikini either...

  4. Funny, when the Mini went in the air, it reminded me of Clive Owen going into the air in the E39 M5 in the BMW Films "Star" with Madonna.

    Around 6:25 at

  5. Yes, that was a very cool vid! 6:25. Watched all of it again and it put a big smile on my face. So well directed and shot and funny! That whole sequence was brilliant! FWIW, I always thought and hoped Clive Owen would be the next James Bond when Pierce Brosnan moved on from the role...