Friday, December 9, 2011

More Course Layout Insanity

Is this a Polish autocross? Serbian Track event? Some sort of European Gymkhana? Looks like they haven't invented cones over there yet but the old tires come in so handy, they even stack them up! And what happens if the little Suzuki loses control going flat out in the 90-degree left turn and crashes into the oncoming car, which is also moving at pretty decent speed?

You can hear the car shift into third and then fourth gear. Even with a high differential, it must be going at least 75 mph in fourth. Pretty scary the two cars overlapped in the spin zone at that speed. They'd have to scrape the drivers off the metal if the red car loses it there!


  1. It's always interesting to see the different levels of safety expectations around the world. We visited a castle in Germany years ago that was undergoing renovations. We walked up to the 3rd story, and the railing had been removed at the very edge of the walls of the castle, which you could wake around. But it was all good, as the railings had been replaced by yellow caution tape (I guess it would be "Vorsicht" tape then...). I turned to Pat and said "Good thing we weren't at home trying to do this tour - this castle would have simply been closed to the public. Instead, we were allowed to tour and had to engage our own common sense to keep ourselves safe.

    I've seen videos of drag racing venues in what appeared to be Central American locations, and they were dicey to say the least, but considering the resources that were available to put those events on, then it might make much more sense.

  2. BTW - I love that red hatchback.

  3. Can't argue with a widebody kit on any car ;o)

  4. The yellow caution tape should be called the "Vorshit" tape then, ROFL!