Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amazing Onboard Footage of an Open-Top Cobra Crashing at 130 mph

Here's some gut-wrenching onboard footage of an open-top Cobra crashing at 130 mph.

Open-top cars are very exciting to drive but insanely scary and dangerous if an accident occurs. This Cobra was doing 130 mph on the front straight at Willow Spings when a suspension piece broke. It veered hard right and off track, leaving a 60-foot gash in the asphalt, then continued rolling for another 500 feet off track to its resting point.

Luckily, the driver sustained only minor injuries to his left knee, as well as bruised ribs. It could have been MUCH worse as the Cobra had no racing seat, no roll cage, no arm restraints, no HANS device, harness was barely tightened, and there were even some unsecured items that went flying as soon as the car started rolling.

BMW CCA still allows open-top cars through their minimum standards, however, the cars are required to be in their own run group, which makes it practically prohibitive for most chapters. Looking at the video, you can see why it's next to impossible to find instructors willing to ride in such cars.