Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Art of the Pass

In-car race videos are fun to watch. There is so much going on when passing a competitor. It takes skills, patience, time and a bit of luck to make the pass stick.

The Grassroots Motorsport August 2011 Video of the Month is all about passing and how forcing the issue is sometimes necessary. The footage is from the SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge series.

Various Techniques are demonstrated in this video.

The first segment shows a Corvette driven by Mike Skeen. If you are following the same car for a couple of laps, chances are you are the faster of the two cars. However, passing is not always easy. At 1:50 in the video, Mike finally manages to take the inside line and nudges the slower Volvo to the outside a bit. Great action!

Next comes the Cadillac CTS-V coupe driven by Johnny O'Connell. In this segment Johnny follows from a distance as a Corvette and Volvo are duking it out. Jump to 2:38 to see how a bit of luck helps Johnny pass them both!

The Battle:
The next segment has some amazing footage between two Mustangs. Paul Brown is driving the car with the in-car video and is desperate to pass the other Mustang, which wants nothing of it. It's crazy to watch the two cars bump each other multiple times to try to come ahead. At 5:47, Paul is even forced off track but maintains his composure and gets right back at it. He eventually succeeds. Amazing stuff!

The Roll
The last bit of this Video of the Month shows the vantage point of the driver of a Formula 2 car, in this case Johannes Theobald, as he rolls the car a few times...

I have never watched the SCCA World Challenge races on TV. Looks like lots of fun with some cool cars. Note to self: Record the races this season. They should be broadcast on NBC.