Friday, January 6, 2012

OneHotLap Reviews the BMW 1M in the World's Biggest Car Club Magazine!

You may recall that our OneHotLap editor, Christo, was one of the first to drive the limited edition BMW 1M Coupe at an autocross event and on track at Watkins Glen and then documented his experience on our site. 

Christo just did a similar write-up for BMW Car Club of America's monthly magazine Roundel (biggest car club mag in the world!), which was published in the January 2012 issue. Congratulations are in order!

OneHotLap gets an honorable mention!


  1. Very cool. Next: Car and Driver. I must say when I mention "onehotlap" to some somewhat car afficionados at first they blink (what are they thinking?)...with interest.

  2. Yeah, try to avoid using onehotlap and dance in the same sentence, LOL!

  3. Saw that write-up in Roundel and I'm thinking "this sounds familiar". Then saw your name and I said "ah-hah! I got the early release preview."

  4. LOL! Print media is in a bit of a tough spot. Soundbytes Now are winning over Depth of Coverage Later so far. I am rooting for Roundel, though - it's a great (possibly the best!) club magazine!