Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rolex 24 Driver Sightings

One of the best parts about the Rolex 24 is easy access to the garage and even pits during practice. You run into many famous drivers and get to talk to them if you catch them at a good time.

Boris Said talks to fans before the Continental 200 race

Hurley Haywood and Paul Dalla Lana chat before the Continental 200

Dirk Werner (center) listens as Jorg Muller tells a tale.
Judging by his expression, it must be something really good!

Lawson Aschenbach chats with a crew member prior to the Continental 200 race

The one and only Sir Jackie Stewart: hard as he tries to move up the list,
he is only Scotland's third-best export after scotch whiskey and golf.
Easily the only one who could get away with walking in the pits with
this tartan getup, though. I bet it's fireproof too! Wonder if I too
would get a lot of requests to sign things if I ever dressed up
like that and walked around the pits.