Thursday, January 19, 2012

Secret to Italian Drivers' Greatness Revealed!!

I stumbled on this video and it totally cracked me up how seriously these Italian kids take karting. A little bump causing a spin can lead to fierce vaffanculos and then all hell breaks loose.

Fight Breaks Out On Go-Kart Track

It reminded me that when my son was little, I used to tell him "F1 stories" at bedtime. He totally loved them - they were so very different from Dora, dinosaurs, or any other stuff he used to like at that young age. There was Sebastian Vettel racing the school bus on a skateboard every morning when he was a kid, Narain Karthikeyan racing a rickshaw down the hill to get to the Taj Mahal and sell souvenirs every day before he was discovered as a driver, Kimi Raikkonen driving the milk truck at the age of 12 all the way to the North Pole for his dad when he was sick, and of course, his favorite --

There was this Italian town of Modena (or was it Monticello?) where all famous drivers' grandparents were born regardless of their current nationality. Ascari, Farina, Senna (his mom is Italian), Andretti (born in Italy), Franchitti, and Barrichello's grandparents all grew up in the same Italian village. So all these drivers of Italian descent are cousins and all of their grandparents used to race at the same go-kart track in the village. I bet they too got into fights right on the track at one point or another. Only the toughest made it to the top.

And whatever you do on the go-track track, kids, remember to keep your racing gloves and helmets on at all times!