Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30 Years' Worth of Dakar Adventures

They don't call Dakar The Most Dangerous Race in the World for nothing. Here's a very cool and amusing compilation of adventures over the rally's first 30 years.

No wonder bikes get the bulk of the footage here - it's a lot easier to see the riders than the drivers.

0:42 - Wow, you can fishtail like that on a bike?
2:18 - Fatigue can make anyone look clumsy
3:25 - How many flips was that?
3:44 - I swear I can still do a head stand on my bike after 6 hours of riding in the desert!
3:53 - Very close encounter with a tree! Not so lucky at 4:52, though...
4:06 - Staring at death
4:29 - How the hell do you get all this sand out of the helmet?
5:08 - Here's one way to take a bath
6:30 - Wait, if the bikes only need 2 wheels, maybe 3 would work for my car?
7:02 - Holy crap - where did that bike go?