Friday, February 10, 2012

The Australian Dukes of Hazzard Do It Differently!

Unlike the American Dukes of Hazard, their Australians cousins:
1) Do not use General Lee's Dixie horn and
2) Land in water!!!

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Another notable difference is that the Australian Dukes of Hazzard apparently like to crash rare cars: The Ford Capri Perana that crashed in this rally footage was one of only 500 Ford Capris that had been converted to the powerful V8 Ford Windsor engine by tuner Basil Green Motors in the early '70s. Luckily, it was reported that both Australian Dukes were relatively unharmed; the navigator had a short stint in the hospital but was checked out later that evening. It's also a plus that this rare Ford Capri Perana didn't just disappear like a Yugo would: