Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Dizzying Lap Around the Nurburgring in a Viper ACR-X

Viper Club of America has just released this video of the race-only Viper ACR-X pulling off a 7:03 lap time around the Nurburgring. This lap time is very impressive considering it's 10 seconds faster than the street-legal Viper ACR's time!

The 7:03 time is a track record for a factory vehicle produced by a large manufacturer. To be fair, the Ferrari 599XX has managed a 6:58, the Radical SR8LM has posted a 6:48 lap time, and the Pagani Zonda R tops both with a time of 6:47. But I don't think any of these 3 (even Ferrari) can be considered a large manufacturer.

The Viper ACR-X is powered by an 8.4 liter V10 engine delivering 650 HP, which is a 50 HP increase over the standard ACR model. The track-only ACR-X is also 160 lbs lighter than its street version. It comes equipped with a roll cage, a single racing bucket, Momo Corse steering wheel, and a self-sealing fuel tank to prevent leaking fuel from igniting in case of an accident. Best of all, it still has a proper 6-speed manual. Don't go messing with that, Fiat!

I like the real-time stats like the g-force and downforce data included in the video. But I have to wonder, if you can provide that kind of data, what's the excuse for not showing the speedometer? I also like the dizzying effect the camera creates with its mounting position but please don't tell GoPro this is the most stable a camera could get or they'll beat you up with the mounting gear that comes standard with it!