Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Wild Ride in a Daytona Prototype!

In this video, Grand Am driver and 2010 Rolex 24 winner Joao Barbosa takes his wife out for a ride around Daytona International Speedway in the insanely fast Daytona Prototype 2-seater.

Turn up the volume to find out if you can tell the passenger's shrieking from the transmission's as the car goes 185+ mph!

1.32 Translation from Portuguese -> If I ask you to stop, you stop, OK?
1:40 Hard to tell the screaming from the gearbox. They go together so well!

2:10 I'm going to hold on to my own helmet for better protection!
3:05 That's it! I'm covering my eyes!
3:35 Let's see if sticking my arm in front of me would give me a better sense of safety...
4:45 OK, I'm done. Closing my eyes for good now. Don't even need to put a hand in front of them any more.
5:44 Take me out of here!


  1. Give her some credit at least she doesn't hold his left arm.

  2. That would have been very cute at 185 mph!

  3. Aren't there any women drivers who scare the ---- out of their better half?

  4. There are. I see them on the Interstate every day! j/k

  5. I love these videos...

    I would imagine Sabine Schmitz could scare her better half (I guess she's single now, not sure who she was married to).