Saturday, February 25, 2012

Somehow the Driver "... Avoided That Kangaroo", Said the Commentator!

What are the odds of hitting a kangaroo in a race? Well, that apparently depends on where you live. In North America, you may hit a deer but chances of hitting a kangaroo are zilch. In Australia, it's the reverse:

This was a super close call and one very lucky kangaroo. It happened at a Bathurst 1000, which is the most popular race Down Under.

It cracks me up that the kangaroo almost got burned by the exhaust flames at 0:10 but that wasn't too bad considering the circumstances. I have seen young deer at Tremblant while lapping and it is very scary when you are moving at track speeds. This adrenaline junkie was so panicked by all the noise and flying cars around, it had no idea where to go. At least it was lapping the track on the race line... right up until it started hopping around to avoid the cars. Maybe it never saw the blue flags?


  1. I worked the flag station entering onto No Name Straight at Lime Rock for last Memorial Day's Grand Am races, featuring Daytona Prototypes and GT cars. A flock of geese took up residence in a very large puddle / small lake that formed on driver's right in the esses, and we worried that they would be in danger from cars spinning off. "Don't worry - once the noise starts up, they'll take off" said one of my experienced co-workers. Those cars came around on their pace lap, the race started and I'm getting hit in the chest with RX-8 gear changes feeling like a percussive kick-back from a shotgun, and I look at the geese only yards off the track, and... they couldn't care less. Stayed most of the day.

  2. They were probably deaf by then, LOL! I'm amazed you could hear the RX8's gear shifts so loud through the communicator...