Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Is How You Review a Car!

Chris Harris sets the standard for a modern media car review with this Toyota FT-86 / GT-86 / Scion FRS test-drive!

The review is dynamic, exciting, breezy, fun, informative, and it really gets you thinking about the car. Until someone invents how to smell the smoke coming out of the tires or feel the lateral G's under drifting over the internet, this is as a good a review as you will find anywhere. OK, maybe the mic could be placed a bit better but other than that...

How do you bum out a ride? Shades of Jeremy Clarkson, except better:
"Find important people wearing corporate clothing, beg them to give you special treatment, and lie about how many viewers you have!"

How do you take care of the tires?
"Treat all tires like they deserve to die!"

Don't believe him? Check out the lurid slide at speed around 7:43 with the car tracking out close to the wall.

It's fun watching Chris Harris talk through the driving feel, the chassis, brakes, shifter, power, and everything that you cannot easily measure on paper. Understanding these and feeling almost as if you'd done the test-drive yourself is what this great review is all about. It's the perfect mixture between fun and information in a reality-filled package!