Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's Up with Supermodels Invading NASCAR?

News that Maxim supermodel Maryeve Dufault joined NASCAR just broke out. A Google Image search on Maryeve Dufault had me thinking I'd hit the Victoria's Secret catalog at first:

If you do a similar search for Tony Stewart, you won't come up with any pictures of him posing for Chippendale's (thanks God!)

Interestingly, Maryeve Dufault admits her daily driver has a slushie because "... now when I get in my own car, I relax."

When asked about dating, she was also quoted that “I’m still a lady, I like to sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride.”

Something tells me that Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, and Clint Bowyer won't be shakin' in their racin' boots at the sight of Maryeve Dufault's car...