Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fantastic Intro to Performance Driving for Anyone Looking to Get Involved

Here's a fantastic video introduction to what performance driving is all about. It follows novice Philip Cognetta, who is new to the sport, through the advanced driving skills academy, autocross, and track driving events put together by the Boston BMW Car Club of America.

Boston BMWCCA / Novice Introduction Video from Veloz Media.

The video takes you through the various programs offered by the club and covers the events from a very realistic angle. This is how the programs run and this is what you can expect to get out of them. The feedback in the interviews is given by actual volunteers who put in countless hours into these driver education programs.

One of the best parts about these events is the wonderful community of people you will meet. Real People, Real Cars. 10 years ago, I got involved with performance driving for the driving aspect. I would do it all over again for the great people I've met. If you have ever wondered what it's like to participate in performance driving events, this video is as close as you will get from your computer. Why not give it a try from you car?

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