Monday, March 26, 2012

HELROT? Hell, Yeah! How About a Corral and a Parade Lap, E30///M3 Guys?

The Honored Guest at the 2012 Lime Rock Historics will be Sir Stirling Moss! The event is unique in the U.S. for being the only one featuring three days of on-track racing and a prestigious concours event at the same venue. There are some incredible cars at the Historics that can only be seen at this festival - check my offer to buy an extremely rare Bugatti Type 35 at the event. 

This year's Historic Festival is also the 30-year anniversary and it's shaping up to be bigger than ever with more than 300 vintage race cars expected to fill the grounds. Also, there will be a very exciting Formula 1 Race Group on Saturday and Monday featuring incredible F1 cars from the 1966 - 1983 period.

I'm rooting for the BMW E30 owners to pull their resources together and have their own corral at the event. Lime Rock has offered the E30 M3 owners a private corral if they can guarantee 30 cars or more. Even better, if they can guarantee 50 cars, they we will be given a spot in the schedule for a parade lap. Imagine 50 E30 M3s on a parade lap around Lime Rock - that would be a sight to behold! And hey, if 5 of the 20 surviving Bugatti Type 35s in the world are at this event, wouldn't you say that at least 50 of the 5,000 or so E30 M3s sold in the U.S. should be at the event? The owners have till April 20 to sign up and make it happen. I'd hate to see the corral spot go to some boring car like the Morris Marina or watch a parade lap with Reliant Robbins tipping all over the place.

The E30 guys are working on a basic webpage that will accept participants, but until that is up and running, please email Tony Rausch to let him know that yes, You are a proud E30 M3 owner and that you want to participate. And please spread the word to anyone with an E30///M3 that might be interested. The event is open to all E30 M3 owners. HELROT? Hell yeah!

Contact: Tony Rausch