Monday, March 12, 2012

A High-Speed Fly-By: The Essence of the Passion Captured in 8 Seconds

This high-speed fly-by captures the essence of motorsports in 8 seconds:

When I talk to people who haven't gotten the track bug yet, first thing they always want to know is "How fast do you go?" "About 142 on the back straight at Watkins Glen," I usually say and pause for the predictable "Whoa!" 

Then I try to clarify that "Straights are kinda boring. This is where I wiggle my fingers and rotate my shoulders to relax." Some confusion ensues, often followed by a "Huh?", and a stare hinting I might be a total cuckoo. It takes most people a while to understand that turns are a lot more fun that straights. If you have ever gone fast enough through a high-speed sweeper and caught the car on a decent slip angle like this fly-by of the #94 M3 GT car, you'll know exactly what I mean. There's nothing like balancing a dancing car at high speed and holding on for your dear life! 

Oh, and I love it how Homestead's blue and yellow turtles match the TMS color scheme almost perfectly. You know, Turner Motorsport Ranch would be a much catchier name for the 2.21 mile road course.