Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Not To Be a Doofus at Performance Driving Schools

Here's what not to do at performance driving schools:

You have probably seen Formula 1 cars weaving during the warm-up lap and under caution. That's because their tires are engineered for very high temperature and their performance degrades significantly when they are cold.

So do yourself and everyone else a favor and don't do anything stupid like that at performance driving events.

1. Driving events are for performance driving education, not racing.
2. You won't feel any difference in handling in your street tires if their temperature drops.
3. Other drivers around you will thank you.
4. You won't hurt yourself.
5. Your instructor might be willing to ride with you again.
6. You'll save yourself some money for real tires.

Maybe most importantly, you'd be able to scream at the top of your lungs: "I am not a doofus!"


  1. What a goose...........

  2. I like to wiggle the car back and forth just to check for loose whatever, mechanical noises, see if I forgot a dead hooker in the trunk, etc. However, the motion shouldn't be so violent as to cause you to impact a wall.

    Wish I knew German better to translate what the comments are...

  3. Translation from the guy on YouTube: "...and impact... super great... so stupid soo stupid - dumbass - in the warm-up lap you know? did you film that? for sure!"

    I wiggle too but only on pit road to check the suspension components and also tap the brakes to make sure there's somebody home. Haven't found a good way to make sure the dead hooker is out of the trunk though - those are sneaky!!

  4. What was Montoya doing in Germany?!

  5. Probably could not find the jet dryer...

  6. How would you discover the cutoff points of your vehicle, and how would you take full advantage of it? Is smooth and quiet driving constantly speedier than screeching and shrieking?