Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lime Rock Park's Proofreading Contest Wins You Free Race Tickets!!

Lime Rock Park is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year and they are running a Photographic Proofreading contest. First 55 people to figure out “What’s Wrong with This Picture” win two weekend tickets to Lime Rock Park’s Season Opener featuring Trans-Am & the Sunday Royals Car Show, May 25-27!

This coming weekend is the 12 Hours of Sebring. This is a photo from the 1954 Sebring race. And there’s something “wrong” in the photo. Can you spot it? When you look at this photo, can you "read between the lines," so to speak?

If you can guess what it is, email LRP at info@limerock.com and tell them what it is. And tell me too please. I tried for a while and could not figure it out. Would be really curious to hear what you guys found wrong with the picture.