Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sad News: Is Closing Down...


It deeply saddens me to share that OneHotLap will be closing down this Sunday. It has been an epic journey through performance driving but like all good things, it has eventually come to an end. I will forever cherish the great OneHotLap stories that have been shared on multiple occasions by the likes of Jalopnik, Auotblog, WorldCarFans and many other automotive sites. Sadly, we have come to the realization that with gas prices hovering over $4 for premium, as well as increasing environmental awareness, a green site would be better able to contribute to society's well-being!

OneHotLap will therefore rename itself OneGreenLap effective April 1. Our new focus will be coverage of fuel efficient vehicles that have significantly reduced emissions. Our sponsor Toyota Motor Corporation has generously offered to donate a Prius to each one of our contributors' family members to be used for environmental research. These fantastic appliances will come with highly coveted efficiency options available only to and will feature extra large battery packs, super skinny energy efficient tires, and unibody chassis construction free of drag-limiting gaps in the car's body.

We are very excited about some of the initiatives we have under way. OneGreenLap will continue to visit racetracks like Watkins Glen, NHMS, Tremblant, Lime Rock, and Calabogie, however, we will no longer need to drive on them. The competitive portion of our events will take place on the way to and from the track. The driver that uses the least fuel for the round-trip will be declared winner on each trip. We have not settled on a minimum time to get to and from the racetrack yet but we are thinking or limiting it to a week per round trip. Toyota will use the real-life research from the trips to further improve the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency of their Priuses. Our target is to prove that 100 mpg is entirely feasible with the automotive technology current used in mass production.

Thank you for all your past support and we sincerely hope you will stick around and help us promote our new venture! One Green Lap is GOING GREEN!!


p.s. As a result of this transition, I have a super fuel-inefficient 2008 BMW Z4 M Coupe and a just-OK 2001 BMW 325i for sale. These must go fast. Please send in your best offers.