Friday, March 2, 2012

Separated at Birth: Fiat 500 Abarth and Mini Countryman JCW

So what are the odds of two people showing up with the exact same new mohawk on the same day in the office? This is exactly what happened to the Fiat 500 Abarth and Mini Countryman JCW: 

Maybe both manufacturers use the same market research agency that told them black with red stripes is in right now? The two cars are also very similar in concept: small, sporty, top of the line for the model. I totally dig the color scheme on the Abarth and I'm still hoping that supersexy model wearing matching color scheme comes with the car! Yes, "I'll never forget the first time I saw her!"

The Countryman, though? It looks to me like something a plumber would buy. So underneath that same paint scheme, you have one car that is a hoot to drive and one that is a hoot to... carry all your plumbing supplies in.


  1. Actually the first generation MINI and the Fiat 500 were both designed by the same person. The MINI is higher in quality I think. I sat in the Fiat at the New England auto show. The more expensive optioned interior was very cool looking but once any interior control button was touched it seemed very flimsy. The seat height adjuster in one of the cars didn't even work.

    The MINI has also won all the comparison handling tests that I have read in various publications. I think mostly because the MINI has a fully independent multi link rear suspension, while the Fiat has a much cheaper twist beam rear suspension. I have also read that SCCA has so far banned the Fiat from solo competition because of roll over problems.

    I think you will read lots of comparison test between these 2 cars in various publications. These vehicles are about the same size and look similar but they are really two completely different vehicles that are not in the same class at all.

  2. I drove the Fiat 500 for a week in Germany and was not impressed. Granted it was the 100 hp sport version but this thing was "economy car" in handling, stability, etc. The power was barely adequate.

    The Countryman on the other hand has me intriuged. Would be a really fun winter / family car.