Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why a Fire Extinguisher May Be a Good Idea for the Track

I may have to revisit the running list of Top 10 Things to Bring to the Track after watching this video.

This is a horrible misfortune for the owner of the car and pretty tough to watch. You'd definitely want to mute the video too as you'd probably take the drill sound in the dentist chair over this type of heavy metal. Except maybe for the dramatic scene at 2:44 where the guy saves his camera first and then puts his hands over his head as he watches his car burn down! There's something too comical about the driver taking his t-shirt off to a chaotic scene and insane music like that to... put out the turbo fire in his BMW. The $20 extinguisher looks like a brilliant idea right about now!

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  1. BMW used to sell factory seat mounts and BMW branded fire extinguishers. They were euro parts only, but I had one mounted in my E36/5 for years and ran a number of HPDEs with it. I always got a number of comments on it (like during tech inspection), and folks always seemed to be surprised it was a BMW mount and a BMW extinguisher.

    Here's some old information with the part numbers:


    Here are the factory instructions to install in an '00 M Coupe, which was a bit more involved than my E36/5 (only had to tilt my seat):


    I bought mine in 1997 and sold the car last year. Haven't looked into it for newer BMWs.

  2. Ton of good info on that site and Ron Stygar is very knowledgeable too. Thanks for posting it!