Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fisker Karma Up Close and Personal in Boston

You've seen the Fisker Karma pictures by now and undoubtedly know the basic facts: 204 HP, 960 lb/ft ot torque.

Considering there are only 500 of these in customers' hands worldwide as of April 2012, it was a treat to run into one of them on my way to the Esplanade in Boston today:

The official all-electric range for the Fisker Karma is 32 miles. The total range with a full tank of gasoline and a fully charged battery is 230 miles. The car includes a solar paneled roof as a standard option, which aids in the recharging of its lithium-ion batteries, as well as the cabin climate control system. The solar roof is capable of generating energy estimated to provide up to 4 to 5 miles of additional range a week, assuming continuously sunny days. No wonder all this adds to a total weight of 5,300 lb for the car.

As of March 2012, a total of 2,000 Karmas have been produced with around 500 customer deliveries, mainly in the U.S.

So glad the Karma I saw today was not the chrome travesty fitted with purple under-body neon lights that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were recently spotted in. Judging by the fact that this one was backed into a corner spot of a tiny parking lot, you can safely assume it is owned by someone who really cares for it. Still kills me to think that someone chose this over a Porsche 911 GT3 for that money, though...