Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 10)

What muscle cars really think of Porsches


  1. The "Joie Chitwood" pass!

  2. LOL!

    More comments from One Hot Lap on Facebook:

    Lisa S.: Playing through...

    OneHotLap: A Trans Am would be able to just zip around ;o)

    Lisa S.: ‎;)

    Pat H.: ‎"do I have tranny leak"

    Lisa S.: How about: Does this Ford make my butt look fat?

    OneHotLap: Just marking my territory with my tranny leak ROTFL!!

    OneHotLap: Alright, the gloves, I mean radiators, are coming off now!!

    Cohesive Garage: So.. how do you like my bottom?

    Fred D.: Better spray some cold water on those fella's, "Stang's" in a Mountin' Mood.

    Byron V.: If I can't drive around your Fat A$$, I'll just drive over it...

    OneHotLap: Or jump over it LOL! It can happen:

    Attila K.: Dumb A$$ behind the wheel

    John D.: Porsche is still technically a virgin

    Greg D.: I wonder if the driver of the porsche seen the instructions on the mustang? Flip Over Read Directions.

    Russ H.: Proof Porsche has better brakes!