Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 9)

Tailgating before the track event?


  1. My wife prefers the clothes dryer option enabling me to pitch in while at the track.

  2. That picture is making me really hungry. I'm going shopping:

  3. I will be ordering from Piast tomorrow. Their stuff is freekin good. Should be here for the next BMW event. We gonna reek a bit. Drivers that want an instructor will most likely ask you to get out of the car by corner 3. Yes, get out on the hot course.

  4. Excellent! I'd like to put in an order for 2 Thin Hunter kielbasa slim jims and a piece of garlic kielbasa. Throw in two cheeseburgers on the GT3's BBQ too please. I'll bring the Wyborowa ;o)

  5. More captions from OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Mark V.: How to salvage the day after your Porsche overheats on track....

    OneHotLap: One more reason to have the engine in the rear!

    Carl S.: Gets 6 BPG (burgers per gallon)

  6. More comments from OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Dylan R.: Suzuki Sidekick owner thinks Porsches are good for only one reason...

    OneHotLap: Heeey, wait a second - those are monster trucks!

  7. Significant BBQ wing upgrade option HERE. Will feed up to 80 people.