Monday, April 2, 2012

One Green Lap Fine-Tunes Its Message

In tune with our site's re-branding to being green (Less RPM, More MPG!), here are some pictures that will send a loud and clear message on what OneGreenLap will be all about. Thank you Tom Rathje for submitting these and reminding us to stick with our message, which has inspired so many of you already. Well, unfortunately, we lost some good fans along the way too but hopefully they will come around once they understand how OneGreenLap will make the world a better place! I hope all of OHL's old readers (I mean old and young), will stick with us too.

Looking for group buy volunteers for these beautiful tires.

We are not exactly sure how this fits with the new theme
but please bear with us - we like it and we are working on that angle. 
An OGL fan had said something about OneGeenLapDance
in one of yesterday's comments. Help us fine-tune the message, please.
Remember: it's all natural!

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