Friday, April 27, 2012

The Truth About Abstinence and Deep Thigh Bolsters

Random email exchange between a group of devoted One Hot Lap fans (word for word):

OHL Fan #1: "OK.. I think it’s time for another Virtual Racing party.. Let’s do it before I have another kid.."

OHL Fan #2: "Is there something you need to let us know about here, or is this some form of abstinence? You do know there other methods? right?"

OHL Fan #1: "Funny you mention it.. My wife came down to the garage  at 1130 last night and woke me up.. I had fallen asleep in the M3 with my helmet on.. and harnessed strapped tight.. I remarked – The seat has such deep thigh bolsters that it feels like I’m being hugged like a baby.. if that isn’t a way to promote abstinence in the relationship.. I don’t know what is..I’ll find out in 2 weeks if there’s another kid on the way.."

OHL Fan #1: "Boy, wouldn’t it be something if this ended up on  Oops."

OHL Fan #3: "Game on!"

To which I responded: "That can be arranged. Send me a good picture (hint: I don't care where you find it)"

And since no-one was able to find any good pictures, I had to do all the dirty work myself (sigh). I think this one works pretty well, what do you say?