Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why a Performance Driving School Might Make Sense

So what could go wrong with doing some donuts in a residential neighborhood? We're just having some fun, right? RIGHT?

Love the "Is he all right?" comment toward the end of the video. Let's see, he just lost control of the pickup (they actually call these El Camino look-alikes "utes" in Australia), ran over the curb sideways, just missed a parked vehicle going backwards, dropped 3 feet and beached it on the other side of a brick fence in a residential neighborhood with a passenger in the car. Doing great, thanks!

Hey parents, you love your teenage kids and you want to protect them, right? How about a performance driving school for them? They will learn how to work a car around a skidpad, do fast lane change maneuvers and threshold braking, go fast through the slalom, and much more. Look at this:

This way your teenage kid's pickup won't have to do gardening in your neighbor's yard.